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Holland Roller Blinds, Window Blinds, Awnings & Shutters for Home & Office | Kwikfynd

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Holland Roller Blinds

Holland Roller Blinds - Durable and Variety!

Holland Roller Blinds are quite famous and functioning design, which is appropriate for every room of a home. They have low maintenance blinds that provide different types of security measures and lighting controls. They continuously prove to be sophisticated and elegant within a home environment. There is an array of patterns and colours that could be used to match every type of existing home's decor, and to bring a trendy look to a home life. They are conveniently utilized in various distinct areas within a house, such as lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Types of Holland Roller Blinds:

Holland Roller Blinds are of two kinds. The first one is chain operated Holland Blind that is quite famous and increasingly preferred, particularly due to its enhanced durability and hard-wearing. The second one is spring operated Holland Blind that is simple and usually chosen on need basis. These blinds have small spaces among their slats.

Measuring the Windows:

  • Decide necessarily in advance (during the measurement of windows) whether the blinds are to be placed on the window frame's outer side (as face fit) or inner side (as recess fit).
  • Utilize a metal-tape measure to ensure an exact measurement.
  • For getting the blinds' best accurate size, it is recommended to measure the window frame's bottom, middle and top sides; particularly while considering the RECESS fitted blinds. The reason for such recommendation is the unequal measurements that exist in few window frames, where a little millimetre variation can hinder in the exact fitting of blinds.
  • Record every measurement in millimetre.
  • The measurement of WIDTH should be specified firstly, and the measurement of DROP should be specified lastly. An example is: 1100 x 2000 is width x drop.
  • Always remember to indicate the actual side where the controls are desired to be managed. In case of non-indication, the control(s) is then generally supplied on the right-hand side.


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Holland Roller Blinds & Double Roller Blinds

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