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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters - Naturally Beautiful!

One of the most vital features of a home or business is its first impression. This is usually where people do not realize the importance of how the interior of the premises will look once your guests or in the case of a business customers see the inside. Luckily though if you are one of those clever consumers you will choose your next window covering to be plantation shutters. Whether they are in a timber look or any other colour of the rainbow, you will make a massive impression.

Knowing the significance of that first impact, choosing appropriate window coverings is not only necessary it is mandatory. The coverings should add elegance and style yet not hinder the functionality of your doors or windows.

What are plantation shutters?

Either louvred, solid or slatted, plantation shutters, which can come in timber or PVC shutters as they are commonly known are window blinds made from wide vertical slates of different materials and horizontal rails which are fixed into a solid frame.

Design, Construction and Types

Plantation shutters and PVC shutters give your home or business privacy, security and total control over how much sunlight you want shining into your room without taking away any airflow.

The difference between old-day shutters and the new modern day plantation shutters and PVC shutters is that earlier shutters were designed with two or three panels which only gave you the option to fold them back when you wanted to open the window completely. Whereas new-day plantation shutters are designed slatted which allows you to open and close the slats, and still open the window entirely.

Plantation shutters are custom made for you and can be manufactured to fit any shape and size of doors and windows. You have the choice of various materials such as wood, ply (synthetics), plastic vinyl PVC and MDF.

The most wanted type of plantation shutters are the ones made of timber since it’s easily available and can be manufactured to suit your budget. Wooden plantation shutters give big spaces a traditional and cosy look. Since the shutters are of high quality, they can be stained or painted as per your style, look and feel. Also, there is a variety of woods to choose from; the common ones being cedar wood, alder wood and basswood.

The benefits of synthetic plantation shutters are that they aren’t as prone to damage as wooden plantation shutters are, however wooden shutters give your home or office style, value, and they can be painted or stained.

Features and Benefits

  • Classy and stylish
  • Elegant look
  • Strong and durable
  • Provides a warm look
  • Stops UV rays
  • Control light
  • PVC Shutters are great for wet areas
  • Minimal maintenance


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